Fullerton Ruta's History

RUTABEGORZ FULLERTON, the first of three locations, was originally the office and residence of Dr. Olsen, a local well known physician who practiced medicine out of the building for over 40 years. In 1970, it was decided that the town needed a coffee houseā€¦ a place to hang out and discuss the world's problems. RUTA'S was born. When it first opened, RUTA'S served only coffee, bagels, ice cream, carrot cake and of course, our famous cheesecake. Business was great and customers demanded more, causing RUTA'S to evolve into today's full service restaurant.

RUTABEGORZ' near 42 year history is rich. Once threatened in 1973 to become a parking lot, the faithful Fullerton community got together and signed petitions, marched and raised Cain. RUTA'S prevailed!

Today the current restaurant has expanded into the building next door and continues to be a favorite hang out for customers of all ages.