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Welcome to Ruta's Fullerton!

Photo of Fullerton General Manager

Message From the Manager:

I first started working for Rutabegorz as a cashier when I was twenty, and now I'm the general manager at the Fullerton location. I've lived in Fullerton my whole life and am proud to be part of a company that has integrity, character and charm. It isn't just another boring chain. With its interesting menu, quirky staff and eclectic yet cozy decor, Rutabegorz is what I believe to be a very special place. But, it's the loyal customers who have been coming here since the restaurant opened that really make it some place special. I hope you visit Rutabegorz and see for yourself and, if you see me, please say hello!




Restaurant Hours:

Monday - Thursday

10:30am -9pm

Friday & Saturday

10:30am -10pm

Closed Sunday


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