Meet the Owner

Paul Berkman

A Rutabegorz Tale

Back in 1970 this small "hippie joint" opened its doors in Fullerton to an unsuspecting town. Little did this city know what a trendsetter Rutabegorz restaurant would become. Serving only coffee and desserts in the beginning, Rutabegorz has since evolved into one of Orange County's favorite health food restaurants. With three locations to meet the needs of its "regulars", it can sometimes seem as if there are not enough "Ruta's" to go around.

Along with many vegetarian dishes, Ruta's also serves white breast of chicken, turkey, albacore tuna and assorted lean deli meats. Our salad dressings are fresh and house made and our condiments are low in fat. As usual, we use only the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables. And, our homemade desserts, well, they're sinful but oh-so-hard-to-resist and worth the extra cheating!

Our mission has always been to provide our communities with a healthy alternative to traditional restaurant offerings without sacrificing taste. We provide "old school" vegetarian values – lots of fresh and natural foods. We strive to make your experience here positive, and hope you'll enjoy our unique food, casual atmosphere, and friendly servers.

Remember: You are what you eat from your head to your feet. Don't be a fast-food junky. You can feel good and energetic while enjoying all that your body needs.



"I've been a fan of Rutabegorz for nearly 10 years! You can always count on great service and fantastic food. I usually get the half sandwich (either Egg or Turkey) and Dala Salad (with Thai dressing). Unfortunately, I am a creature of habit, but I have tried a few other selections, including various wraps and salads. I have never been disappointed with my order."
Rachel R. on Yelp!

"The food is almost all fantastic, with a vegetarian/healthy slant to just about everything. They do have meat dishes, but really specialize in salads (which are mammoth), wraps, and other healthy items. My personal favorites include the Dala, shrimp and avocado, California Mediterranean, and Cobb salads, the Greek and turkey-avocado wraps, and the nachos with killer chili."
Matt R. on Yelp!

"I love this place. Always good reliable food that you can count on. Whit bean hummus is AWESOME. I get something new every time I go so I'm not sure exactly what my favorite mean is but so far everything is great. Wont break your wallet or diet!"
Joey K. on Yelp!